Ohioans skeptical of self-driving cars

Ohioans skeptical of self-driving cars

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) will chair a Congressional hearing Tuesday on the benefits and issues with self-driving cars on American roads.

A report released by AAA says Americans are still skeptical of self-driving cars, though they hope to have autonomous technologies in their next car.

In all, about 75 percent of people who responded to the survey said they would be afraid to ride in a self-driving, while only 10 percent said they would feel safer.

In a poll of Ohio drivers, AAA says about 33 percent of Ohio drivers think self-driving technology will lead to more crashes. Thirty percent of the drivers said they would never routinely ride a self-driving vehicle, while 23 percent said they would within 10 years.

Thirty-eight percent of Ohio drivers said that autonomous vehicles will lead to more crashes while 33 percent of drivers said they would lead to fewer crashes.

More than half of Ohio drivers believe the new technology won't be available for at least another decade, though there are some autonomous cars available on the market.

When asked if they would watch the road when the behind the wheel of an autonomous car the same way as they were driving, about 56 percent of Ohio drivers said they would while 39 percent said they would not.

About 62 percent of drivers said they would be concerned about the security of their data being sent to and from autonomous vehicles.

They survey also showed Ohio drivers overwhelmingly believe the government should inform the public when and where autonomous vehicles will be tested.

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