Wood County Sheriff calls for jail expansion

Wood County Sheriff calls for jail expansion

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The Wood County Jail is running out of room for inmates in the holding area.

Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn is hoping to make more room, and expand the jail.

He says spending money on jails isn't glamorous.

Currently the Wood County jail has 5 holding cells, and he says, it's rare they're not all full.

"We've actually had to use some other rooms that are not designed to be a holding cell, and we've also had to double bunk in those holding cells," said Sheriff Wasylyshyn. "That is not a safe situation or a good situation for those inmates."

He says at this point, the inmates they are taking in have changed.

"Mental health didn't used to be a jail issue, it is. Detoxing didn't always used to be a jail issue, it is. So we need to have the jail change to be able to better deal with the detoxing and mental health issues," said Sheriff Wasylyshyn.

Wasylyshyn says they want to move the medical area to where the holding cells are. This way the inmates who need the most attention, like those detoxing, are near the nurses.

"We have the exam chairs right next to the exam tables so right now we can only schedule the doctor and the dentist on different days and of course the inmates coming in for other medical issues. It's very, very tight," said Sheriff Wasylyshyn.

The Sheriff's office had sketches drawn up a few years ago for a similar plan, and the price tag for the expansion then was $5 million. Now they plan to update them and see the new cost.

Wasylyshyn says the earliest construction would start is 2018.

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