Blood drive held to honor late Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins

Blood drive held to honor late Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Just over two years since the death of mayor D. Michael Collins, people came together again to remember him. And they did it by helping saving lives.

The American Red Cross held a blood drive in his honor at the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association headquarters Thursday in central Toledo. It was open for six hours starting at 9 a.m.

The Red Cross accepted blood of all types, but they always look forward to getting "O negative" blood since it is the universal blood type and can help so many people.

Red Cross leaders said every one pint of blood collected can save three lives.

We were there as several staff members from the mayor's office came in to make a donation.

"His names are on administrative policies. There are lots of things that we're all aware of," said Janet Schroeder, a spokesperson for Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson. "We have the historic Wall of Mayors and so he is prominently on display there. We think about those folks that helped our mayor in his time of need and those are the people that we are really working for."

She was referring to the good Samaritans who performed CPR on the late mayor at the scene of his cardiac arrest in February of 2015.

The location of the blood drive, the Patrolman's Association, was fitting, since the late Mayor was a longtime Toledo Police officer.

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