TPS students fix former NBA star's truck

TPS students fix former NBA star's truck

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A former pro-athlete left his truck in the hands of Toledo Public School students. Thursday, Dennis Hopson drove off in a ride that looks brand new.

Hopson  played basketball at Bowsher High School, Ohio State University - where he is the all-time leading scorer - and he spent several years in the NBA.

He said he bought a truck that had flames he wanted to paint over.

After talking with a basketball coach at Waite, he decided to let the students in Waite High School's auto-body program fix up the truck. Hopson d ropped it off in October, and he was presented with a gleaming white truck Thursday.

The class teacher, Mr. Doug Gogol, said they fixed up more than 100 dents and scratches, painted it, and put it back together.

"Very nice job," said Hopson. "I'm very happy."

A positive reaction that meant a lot to senior Thomas Perkins.

"It was amazing. First we get to work on an NBA players truck? It was just like so surreal," said Perkins.

Mr. Gogol said the seniors in the class work on customer cars.The customers pay for the parts, but not the labor.

But remember, these kids balance fixing these cars with their other school work.

"It has to stay here for awhile, it's not like a regular shop where it's a one-week thing," said Gogol.

A worthwhile wait for Hopson.

"You have the opportunity to give back and support something that you used to be a part of, it's always a good thing," said Hopson. "So, I'm very excited about the work that they've done, and any time I can give back to TPS and the students, I'm willing to do that."

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