Proposed bike restrictions in downtown Findlay

Proposed bike restrictions in downtown Findlay

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Some proposed changes in the city of Findlay have stirred up some controversy. City leaders are looking into keeping bicycles off of one of the busiest roads in town.

A proposed ordinance could prohibit bicyclists from using Main Street sidewalks. But city officials say the ordinance is to make downtown Findlay more pedestrian friendly, including bicyclists.

The existing ordinance allows bike traffic to use the sidewalks, but riders have to squeeze as close to buildings as they can.

With all of the pedestrian traffic constantly walking up and down Main Street, leaders want to clear up the walkways for safety and efficiency.

Bicycles would have to either steer clear of Main Street from Center Street to Lincoln Street or walk their bikes through the area.

With upcoming plans to add bike paths connecting downtown with the University of Findlay, and adding more bike racks in the area, Findlay mayor Lydia Mihalik doesn't want to call the proposal a ban. She says the ordinance is instead limiting bikes on only one of many streets within the bustling downtown.

"We're certainly hoping we can find some kind of a compromise between bikes and people and cars in our downtown area," said Mayor Mihalik. "Looking into introducing even more bike racks into our downtown plan too. So, definitely not banning bicycles in the downtown area, just looking at where we can actually ride them."

Council will give the proposal two more readings before voting on the issue.

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