Man charged with killing his child's mother waives preliminary hearing

Man charged with killing his child's mother waives preliminary hearing
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A Fulton County man charged with killing the mother of his child appeared in person in court for the first time Thursday.

James Ramey was brought to Fulton County's Eastern District Court from the Corrections Center of NW Ohio to face a judge.

Ramey entered the courtroom calmly. With his attorney present, he sat before the judge with Amanda Mangas' family behind him. The eyes of her family staring him in the back and filling up with tears.

In court, Ramey waived his right to a preliminary hearing, so his case will now head to the Fulton County Grand Jury.

Since it is a small, rural county, the grand jury only meets monthly. At this time, it's uncertain whether or not a special grand jury will be called.

Ramey is charged with aggravated murder in the shooting death of Mangas, the mother of his son Winston.

"He couldn't handle trying to do things the proper way to where he could not be violent and go through the channels to be able to have visitation with his son," said Dede Ruckman, Mangas' aunt. "I understand he cares for her son but quite someway to show it. Now, he's killed his mother."

Amanda's aunt also went on to caution young women, saying let this be a lesson for young women to be very careful of who they get involved with.

"I think it needs to be a lesson to young girls to take a good look at who they're getting involved with because something like this can happen," Ruckman said.
Additional charges are likely to come, after the kidnapping of Winston and Amanda's step-mother to Indiana.

Amanda's aunt said her niece will live on through her son.
"He's such a happy baby," Ruckman said. "He got all of Amanda's calmness, personality and those beautiful, big blue eyes."

James Ramey will remain behind bars at CCNO held on a $1 million dollar bond.

A court date has not been issued.

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