Tronair expansion to bring 100 new jobs to Toledo area

Tronair expansion to bring 100 new jobs to Toledo area

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Tronair, located just a few miles north of Toledo Express Airport, is expanding. The company announced Thursday they will be taking over a large hanger owned by the Port Authority at Toledo Express Airport.

This means bringing roughly 100 jobs over the next several years.

"A 300,000 square foot building that we have at Toledo express airport," said Paul Toth, President & CEO, Toledo Port Authority. "Great little homegrown company that makes everything from jacks to jack-up a 747 to tow-bars to tow a small general aviation aircraft."

The board approved a 10-year lease for Tronair that will expand the company into the old Bax Global and BX Solutions facility at Toledo Express Airport - a move that will bring 110 new jobs and retain 104 existing jobs.

The company will also have a chance to the renew the contract twice, potentially making it a 30-year deal.

"Their lease begins in July," Toth said. "They've got a lot of work to do to get the building up to standards so that they can move into it. We anticipate that they'll actually start moving operations in at the end of 2017, beginning of 2018."

The company is interested in the facility because it's growing. It provides ground support equipment for the aviation industry.

"It's exactly what NW Ohio is all about," Toth explained. "We're just happy to be a part of the team that helped bring them to Toledo Express Airport."

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson released this statement on the news:

"As the owners of the airport, the City of Toledo is happy to have worked with the Port Authority, Jobs Ohio, the Regional Growth Partnership, and Lucas County to not only keep Tronair in Lucas County, but to put them at the airport in the newly established joint economic development district, which is also good news for Swanton and Monclova Townships. As an aviation-related business Tronair is perfectly suited to development at this site and will provide essential long-term stability of the airport facility."

Tron-air is an international company and already has a location on Eber Rd. in Holland.

WTOL 11 will have more on the story today at noon.

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