Money Talks News: Saving on your phone bill

Money Talks News - Cell phone bills have skyrocketed in recent years, mostly thanks to smartphone trend that costs users data.

According to JD Power, the average American cell phone bill is $70 for a single phone and $155 family plan.

Want to cut yours in half? There are some simple steps that are going to get it done.

The first step is do not sign a cell phone contract.

When you sign a contract that lands you an expensive phone and expensive service, high monthly payments are sure to follow.

Buying a cheaper phone with a cheaper plan can cut your bill in half.

Another tip is not spending $600 on a phone.

There are smartphones that sell for $50 without a contract. They may not have all the features of an i-Phone, but they will have most at 10 percent of the price.

After you buy a phone, you cannot shop for service until you know your usage. Check your recent bills and see how many minutes you talked, texts you sent and data you used.

Also take the time to search for what phone and plans work best for you by utilizing specialized search engines.

Finally, make sure your provider has good service in your area, or you may be wasting your money altogether.

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Standup There's still one more step, though: Make sure you've got good service in your area: look at a coverage map. Also, check reviews and complaints before you sign up with any company. Always do that.

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