East Toledo business earns national attention, President Trump tweet

East Toledo business earns national attention, President Trump tweet

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An east Toledo business is gaining national attention, even garnering a tweet from President of the United States.

Innovative Controls Corporation opened in East Toledo in 1975. The company designs, builds and installs control panels. They employ about 25 engineers, designers and more.

Together they create control panels from concept to installation for the automotive, food packaging and several other industrial fields. Nearly 80 percent of their business happens across the country, but is produced by local talent.

"The advantage here is that we design and build and employ all local and we buy components here," said Louis Soltis, president and CEO of Innovative Controls Corporation. "So when we bring business in from out of state there is a great advantage to this community."

With a unique business outlook and product offering to the Toledo area, Louis was invited to attend a meeting on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to meet with the New York Times. Little did he know they would feature them on the front page of their business section.

"I think it created some vibrance in the area and that the New York Times took a little bit of time to come to Toledo and see what's happening here," explained Soltis.

He says they discussed the election, President Trump and how small businesses in the Glass City were impacted by both. Louis says he sees a bright future.

"That's exciting for us when they talk about changing and making things a little more affordable on the healthcare side, reducing taxes that stimulates economy and those are the kinds of things that help our customers step forward with new projects," said Soltis.

Since the election, Innovative Controls Corps has seen an increase in their business and they themselves are looking to expand in the future. After the article portrayed that success, President Trump retweeted the story.

"On a daily basis we get a call from a customer or a supplier, someone that says 'Hey gosh that's really exciting to see Innovative Controls name hitting the New York Times and also Donald Trump grabbing it.' So, we'll see. I'm still waiting for the call to go see Donald and visit him and bowl with him or something."

The owner, Louis Soltis, says as they grow and continue to rebuild older technology, the biggest challenge for them will be finding enough people to do the

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