Local mom shares ProMedica NICU journey, plus fundraiser details

Local mom shares ProMedica NICU journey, plus fundraiser details

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The owner of Laurel's Princess Parties says she didn't realize she was in labor at a movie theater months ago, since her daughter wasn't supposed to be born for weeks.

Wednesday, she shared her ProMedica Neonatal Intensive Care Unit journey only with WTOL 11.

"And I see blood, so my first initial response is 'I just lost my baby,'" said Laurel Lovitt, talking about that scary moment months prior.

After rushing to ProMedica Hospital, Laurel got the good news; she hadn't lost her little girl. She also got the bad news.

"It's scary, especially when they're like, 'We'll you're having this baby at 25 weeks.' And I thought that I was going to lose her," said Laurel.

Thankfully, both Laurel and her daughter, Rey Lea, made it through.

"She actually cried when she was born, and it was this loud scream, and I'm like 'she's alive!' said Laurel.

Wednesday, Rey weighed almost four pounds. At birth, she was just under two pounds.

While Rey has been improving during her nearly three month stay in ProMedica's NICU, she still has steps to complete before she can go home. But she's not doing them alone, thanks to her mother and the NICU team.

"Those nurses - I've created a bond with them, and they truly have made a difference in our journey," said Laurel.

You may recognize Laurel as the owner of Laurel's Princess Parties. Sunday, she, alongside her princess and superhero gang, are hosting their first ever Preemie Diaper Dash.

Diaper donations will go to baby Rey and another ProMedica NICU family, while monetary donations will go to The Graham's Foundation, which is a group that helps NICU families.

"I just want to spread awareness of the premature births," said Laurel.

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