Natural healer charged with drug trafficking

Natural healer charged with drug trafficking
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The daughter of a local health food store owner, Charmaine Bassett, is facing drug trafficking charges. But she never made it to the stand.

At the Lucas County Courthouse, Charmaine Bassestt was called to the stand by the judge and it wasn't but a matter of minutes before she was taken out by courtroom security.

This was Charmaine Bassett's second appearance before a judge, and once again it didn't happen..

Bassestt failed to appear the first time, leading to a warrant for her arrest. Once arrested, she posted bond and was released.

Wednesday, she showed up with a large group of supporters.

Bassett refused to approach the stand, leading to the judge ordering her to be removed from the court.

Courthouse security tried to get Bassett to calm down.

"I stand on common law," Charmaine Bassett said outside of the courtroom. "I stand on natural law. I stand under God's Law only. It would go against my spirit, my God-given right to life as a living woman to go into their jurisdiction. I don't belong there. It's for corporations only."

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According to court documents, she is charged with aggravated possession of drugs, including psychedelic mushrooms, and trafficking. Both of those charges are a second-degree felony.

Her third charge is for trafficking marijuana in the vicinity of a school, a fourth-degree felony.

"I mean I'm federally protected. Our church is federally protected," Bassett said. "But you know what? Because they have the guns and the dogs, all of these abusive powers, they're trying to tell me I can't practice my God-given right."

Charmaine Bassett is the owner of Anyana Kai, a Natural Healing Center.

Her website states she is a member of the Oklevueha Native American Church.

She is the daughter of Pat and Joe Bassett who own two Bassett Health Foods in Northwest Ohio.

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