Zepf Center reaching out to help gambling addicts

Zepf Center reaching out to help gambling addicts

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You may have seen the billboards around town telling drivers it is Gambling Problem Awareness Month.

The Zepf Center is getting the word out about what you can do to get a handle on your problem.

Marilyn Rule of the Zepf Center says this is a different kind of addiction and one that can be hidden from family and spouses for years.

"We've often had a lot of clients who are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and nobody knows it until the end," Rule said.

That's why they work on preventing that kind of ending.

The Zepf Center provides individual and group counseling for problem gamblers free of charge every week.

They have quite a few success stories, like one young woman who is celebrating one year of staying away from gambling.

"This person is developing relationships with her family again, her family has started trusting her again," said Rule. "She's not only making amends relationship-wise, but she is paying off all of her debt. "

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