Students prepare for severe weather during statewide tornado drill

Students prepare for severe weather during statewide tornado drill

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You heard the sirens all over Ohio today. There was a statewide tornado drill as part of severe weather week.

Kids at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School in South Toledo went right into safety drill mode as soon as the sirens went off.

"Each class has an assigned place and we go where there's not many windows and you sit down on your bottom or your knees and you put your hands over your head," said 7th grader Claire Whipple.

The kids not only know what to do, in case those sirens go off, they know why they have to.

"Wooden things, like the door or if glass broke, you would only have your hands cut. You don't want your head to get cut," said 3rd grader Luke Andrews.

Of course, their teachers and staff members are there, making sure everyone is where they're supposed to be.

"When the teachers come out, they're doing a head count," said pastoral associate Joshua Mocek. "They're making sure the kids are there. An administrator then will walk around to all the teachers to make sure they're good to go. That their kids are all accounted for."

The students do these drills regularly and it's not just so they know what to do to stay safe. "So that we don't get scare of anything if it does happen while we're at school," said 5th grader Abigail Williams.

Another tool to keep kids from getting scared about severe weather is a new app from the American Red Cross.

It's called Monster Guard and it's a game kids can play to prepare for disasters and practice what to do if one happens. The kids play as monster characters and earn medals as they score points. The app is free and aimed at kids ages seven through eleven.

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