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Cherry Street Mission Ministries installs utility delivery system for new community kitchen

(Source: Cherry Street Mission Ministries) (Source: Cherry Street Mission Ministries)

A hard hat event was held on Wednesday to showcase the installation of a utility delivery system for the new community kitchen at the Cherry Street Mission Ministries.

Representatives installed the mechanical gas and electric components at the Ministries’ Life Revitalization Center.

This will help cook food for members of the community in need.

President and CEO of Cherry Street Mission Ministries Dave Rogers said they plan to begin this initiative soon.

“Starting this summer in full operation, Cherry Street Mission Ministries will prepare and provide for the food service sites that are connected to children, will provide the adult meal where families now for the first time in our community at all of our food service sites can eat together,” Rogers said.

Rogers also said that this kitchen is in its first full year of operation and will make 1.5 million meals annually. 

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