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Hillsdale College lockdown lifted; Police say threat has ended

(Source: Hillsdale College) (Source: Hillsdale College)

Hillsdale College went on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after the school received a threat.

The school asked everyone to stay in doors in a tweet around 1 p.m. 

Police informed the school that the threat was over around 2:20 p.m., and officials lifted the lockdown. Classes resumed as normal.

The school initially released this statement on the threat: 

Hillsdale College has received information that a former student has left his hometown residence in the surrounding area and may be a threat. As a precautionary measure, the college is in lockdown.

Law enforcement is currently on campus and working closely with campus security.

The college is in a lockdown situation until further notice as a precaution. All persons are to stay indoors and behind locked doors.

Students, employees, and others have been informed and are being updated through the college’s phone alert system, email system, and social media outlets. 

The college released a statement saying they received information from a "credible third-party" of a potential threat by the former student.

“The college is always going to take every step possible to ensure the safety of the campus community,” said Rich Péwé, chief administrative officer for Hillsdale College. “Under the same circumstances, the College would not hesitate to take the same action.”

That person was later arrested by the Coldwater Police Department and taken into custody.

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