Springfield High School responds to student's shooting

Springfield High School responds to student's shooting

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Another teenager was shot Tuesday morning in south Toledo. The 17-year-old Springfield High School student is recovering from the wound.

The shooting shocked the Springfield community, prompting school leaders to take action.

And tonight, school leaders are trying to help their students deal with such tragic news.

Sadly, the school is no stranger to tragic events. In August, a Springfield High School student's parents were shot and killed, equally shocking the community.

"Pretty much that day we spent a great deal of time especially in the grade levels that were affected in just providing a day of support to those students." said  Springfield Schools Assistant Superintendent Troy Armstrong.

Armstrong says they learned a lot from that tragedy like the best ways to respond to their students' needs after a crisis.

"Some students went into the computer lab and met with familiar teachers and counselors. Cried, shared, hugged with one another," Armstrong said.

As news came through a 17 year old Springfield High School student had been shot an injured, staff came together to talk about the details of the case, and this time they will call on counselors from the entire district to be on standby for students.

"We can process that in classroom," Armstrong said. "Often times that's healthy because if there's one student wanting to process and having questions, typically there are more may be another student. Sometimes they may want to see a counselor."

But he says what they discovered after the August murders, some of the best support, came from fellow students.

"Whenever there's a crisis, you see that kindness and that love come out from other students. The neatest thing was just to see how the students supported one another," Armstrong said. "Whether there were tears, or not tears, sometimes students just wanted to talk it out with one another."

Sometimes after a crisis, Springfield Schools call in an Emergency Response team.

Among them are pastors and an outside counselor who can help students process the event.

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