New Ohio concealed carry law goes into effect

New Ohio concealed carry law goes into effect
(This is all a part of a mission started by Police Chief George Kral. )

(WTOL) - Ohio Senate Bill 199 took effect Tuesday. The law directly affects concealed handgun license holders.

"The law now allows the person to go to work with their gun only in the parking lot where their vehicle is and then secure their weapon in the car before they go into work," said Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn.

Under the new law, concealed handgun holders can also keep weapons locked and secure in their vehicle on school property, at the non-secure areas of airports and at daycares unless a no-gun sign in posted at the daycare.

Government bodies and colleges will decide for themselves if concealed carry is allowed.

"But for employers and employees, that first one, the idea of being able to store your gun in your car has really been a benefit for most people in the state of Ohio," said concealed carry handgun license instructor Tom Urbanski.

Both Urbanski and Wasylyshyn say the political climate tends to drive the number of those heading to concealed carry classes and requesting a new permit.

"We had a significant increase between 2016 and 2015. We had about 600 permits issued in 2016," Wasylyshyn said. "When we do about 2,000 a year that percentage wise is a significant increase."

Law enforcement always said it's important to know the law of the states around you. That way when you're traveling to and from those states, you will be able to abide by that state's law.

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