Ottawa Hills Village Council votes against widening project

Ottawa Hills Village Council votes against widening project

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Secor Road widening project is a no-go. This comes after Ottawa Hills Village Council voted against the plan Monday.

It was a four to two vote against the proposed plan to widen Secor Rd., demolishing 12 houses in the process.

The project would have partnered the city of Toledo and Ottawa Hills together.

"I'm just happy that the council listened to the village people, and the majority of us were against it," said Marcia Drumheller.

Drumheller says she's lived in Ottawa Hills since the second grade.

She says she felt like the Toledo was forcing the Ottawa Hills into a plan that was not good for them, but says something needs to be done with the road.

"We'll figure it out, in the long run," said Drumheller.

Jack Straub of the Ottawa Hills Village Council, voted for the plan, saying now is the time to partner with Toledo and get federal funds.

Jeff Gibbs of the Ottawa Hills Village Council, voted against it, saying 75 percent of his constituents were not fans.

"I'm going to be voting 'no' on this extension with the hope that we can come back as we go forward and develop a plan that's going to work for the community," said Gibbs.

So what happens to Secor Road now?

Tom Waniewski, Toledo City Council, says Toledo cannot make the improvements to - or get the money for - the road without the City and Ottawa Hills on board. He says they need to start from scratch.

"We need to look at it beyond just an engineering component, we need to look at it from a residential/neighborhood component and work to make something work," said Waniewski.

Waniewski serves on the Ohio Public Works Commission, and says he'll be checking to see if Secor money is available there. One of the big reasons for the proposed widening project at all was for safety.

Project leaders say Secor Rd. is narrow, and that there are plenty of accidents at the intersections of Kenwood and Secor and Bancroft and Secor.

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