Ramps set to close in July for Perrysburg's new Diverging Diamond Interchange

Ramps set to close in July for Perrysburg's new Diverging Diamond Interchange

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Road work is kicking into high gear and one of the biggest projects is at the I-475/25 interchange in Perrysburg.

In November WTOL showed how the diverging diamond intersection will take drivers on the other side of the road to eliminate dangerous left turns.

Now, construction vehicles are in place to continue the work that started in the fall.

Work began in September, and ODOT workers are finishing construction of a retaining wall by the Mercy Medical Center.

The next big step will be laying down temporary pavement in the median on Route 25 so all traffic can be moved to the southbound lanes around June 1.

When that happens, only one lane will be open in each direction. Traffic will later move to the northbound lanes.

ODOT also said that only two of the four ramps at the interchange will be closing.

In late July, the ramp from I-475 South to Route 25, that's traffic coming from Maumee, will close for five weeks.

Then, Route 25 will be closed for a weekend.

Following that, the ramp from I-475 North to Route 25, by the Costco store, will close for four weeks.

Two concrete walls that will separate traffic are also set to be built.

The Perrysburg project will be completed in mid-September.

Mike Benton, the ODOT Project Engineer, said, "It's already congested and that's the whole reason for this project, is to alleviate that congestion. The good thing is we're trying to alleviate, put off some of those traffic impacts until the summer."

WTOL learned that in the middle of the concrete wall up on the bridge, they will build a path for bicyclists and pedestrians. ODOT had noticed a lot of people bike and walk there even late at night and want to continue to allow that, in a much safer way.

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