Warm weekend weather a good sign for Walleye Run

Warm weekend weather a good sign for Walleye Run

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Fish enthusiasts around northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan are itching to get their feet wet for the annual Walleye Run.

Some though, just too eager to wait, headed out to the Maumee River Monday for the first day of spring. But this weekend with warmer weather and the potential for rain could make for the perfect fishing conditions on the Mighty Maumee.

"We should see that affect the Walleye Run here in a great way," said James Soricelli, Maumee Bait & Tackle. "So, weather changing, water warming up a little and some heavier flow in the river to pull these fish in from the lake."

Ohio's 70 degree weather in February gave us all a false sense of Spring.

The walleye need the deeper water caused by Spring rain in order to come up the river to spawn. The water has to be just the right temperature too.

"But it's really dependent on the weather," said Soricelli. "So if it warms up, if the water temperature gets above 42 degrees they'll start moving up stream."

Once Walleye come up stream, "just match the light conditions with the color you're throwing and just make sure you're getting a good drift with your weight," Soricelli said.

Employes at Maumee Bait and Tackle do caution to make sure you're being aware of your surroundings when wading out into the river because you never know when you could misstep or possibly step on tackle left behind.

They also want to encourage everyone to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

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