Family House Resident says shelter necessary, amidst potential cut in funding

Family House Resident says shelter necessary, amidst potential cut in funding

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Family House in central Toledo relies on Community Development Block gr ants for funding, but if President Donald Trump's proposed budget passes, those gr ants are gone.

Family House says 12 percent of its yearly budget comes from Community Development Block gr ants. If the gr ants are wiped out, that would be a $60,000 loss for the homeless shelter.

WTOL 11 visited Family House to see the types of services the shelter provides to get homeless people back on their feet.

Patricia McCornell and her son Jaden have been staying at Family House for about a month.

"You gotta think about it: if we don't have anywhere to go with our kids, then what's gonna happen?" McCornell said. "Everybody falls down, but this place helps you get back up."

Family House serves about 300 families a year. It is the second largest family homeless shelter in the state.

Executive Director Renee Palacios says families can stay for 90 days and are not only given shelter, but a number of resources.

"While they're here, we are already preparing them and feeding them and teaching them and guiding them and mentoring them. So as families move out, they're in a much better place," said Palacios.

Palacios says a $60,000 hit is scary to think about. She's hoping the budget will not go through as is, but she is preparing herself in case it does.

"We're hopeful that if those cuts were to go through, that our community would rally around us," Palacios said. "I don't think Toledo wants to see families on the street."

Meanwhile, Patricia McCornell says over the next two months, she'll be preparing herself to start a positive and independent journey outside of these walls.

"I'm about to start this job program here because they want me to have a job," McCornell  said, "and they're gonna help me out with a job before I leave here."

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