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Women of the World hold business seminar, marketplace to promote women-owned businesses

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March is Women’s History Month.

And to mark the occasion in Toledo, a WOW seminar has been held for the last five years.

WOW stands for Women of the World.

Every year a marketplace is set up featuring businesses owned by local women.

Their goods are available for sale to the public.

Workshops are also held, encouraging women on how to get funding, get a business off the ground and then develop it.

Networking is also encouraged.

“Our message is that women are powerful, women can do anything they want to do. And the idea also of this event is so women can come together and be reminded of that,”  said CeCe Norwood of the WOW Seminar.

There was quite a diverse array of businesses Saturday at Start High School.

Even the Girl Scouts had a table talking about how to successfully sell cookies.

The sales technique of Sophia Williams?

“I’m very cute and hard to resist," said Sophia.

Gisella Oliver just launched a new business called ‘Lasting, Lucious Lips.’

She’s just learning the ropes on how to make it a success.

“Getting the word out is a very big challenge. Getting it out. Learning about the product myself. Being able to promote it in a direct fashion," said Gisella.

Gisella may want to turn to Riordan Glynn  of Everyday Arcana for advice.

She’s been successfully selling candles, incense, oils and aromatherapy since 2012.

“Have a clear goal in mind for what you want to do and even if you don’t plan on getting any outside funding, still make up a business plan," said Riordan.

And as one businesswoman pointed out.

You learn along the way, even  if it means failing your way to success.

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