Mental health professionals receive training to help veterans

Mental health professionals receive training to help veterans

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In war, there are no soldiers walking away without wounds. That's just some of the insight, Toledo's mental health professionals got Friday morning.

Mental health service providers had a unique opportunity to learn about the immediate need of more mental health professionals who know and understand the needs of our service men and women.

"As a service provider, how to connect with service members to make sure they have resources that they need and to help their families also have resources," said Dr. Christine Fair, a Clinical Psychologist.

Dr. Christine Fair would know. She's the wife of a Marine and has spent the last four years working with military families.

"Nobody is going to understand what you go through what service men and women have gone through but other service members," said Gunnery Sgt. Mathew Barr, U. S. Marine Corp. "So training for mental health professionals to better understand so they can understand what we're going and went through."

The stigma of mental illness has made it difficult for service members to seek help. But one Marine said more soldiers need to know it's okay to get help.

"I think it's acceptable if a Marine or really any service member is truly having problems. They get the help that they need and it's not a, you're not shamed or made fun of," said Major Daniel Wendolowski, U.S. Marine Corps.

Area mental health providers learned basic military language, the recent and current conflicts are military is facing and how to point their military patients to other resources.

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