Monroe Co. corrections officer encounters possible police poser

Monroe Co. corrections officer encounters possible police poser

MONROE COUNTY, MI (WTOL) - A Monroe County corrections officer encountered a suspicious incident Thursday evening with a teenager possibly trying to pose as a police officer.

Just before 7  p.m., the corrections officer was driving towards the Law Enforcement Center when he encountered a gold-colored 2000's-model Chevy Impala at the intersection of E. Sixth Street and LaPlaisance Road.

As the corrections officer continued driving, he saw the Impala make a U-Turn and begin following him.

Once the officer parked his vehicle, the driver of the Impala pulled in behind him, got out of the car and began questioning the officer about his driving.

The correction officer asked to see identification of the teenage driver, but he refused. He said he was part of the "Monroe Volunteer Public Safety."

The officer noticed the Impala, with a Michigan license plate, had emergency lights on the roof and what looked like a siren box, as well as a laptop fixed to the console.

After a verbal exchange, the driver left without incident.

The driver was found taken into custody Friday - his identity is being held pending charges.

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