Toledoans discuss immigration and how they can help

Toledoans discuss immigration and how they can help

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On the heels of a freeze on President Trump's new immigration reform, students and community members were learning more about his executive order Thursday.

It was the fourth post-election forum hosted by the University of Toledo titled, "Immigration in the time of Trump: The executive orders and shifting deportation priorities."

The forum was a chance for UT students and community members to learn more about what some call the "travel ban 2.0."

Lawyers and resettlement leaders in Toledo teamed up to help others understand what's happening nationally and how that affects the people in Northwest Ohio.

"There are ways that they can be engaged with this issue not just watching it happen in the news," said Shelley Cavalieri, an associate professor of law at the University of Toledo and moderator of the forum. "But that we are agents in this society, we are not passive recipients of policy."

Post-election panelist discussed immigration laws, the president's travel ban, terrorism, and resettlement efforts for refugees in Toledo.

"They mentioned how many people in our area specifically are immigr ants, and I think it's important to look out for those people when they are being marginalized," said Ben Morse, a first-year student at UT.

US Together, a resettlement agency in Toledo, said last year they brought in more than 100 refugees. Already this year they have seen more than 20 come, but expect that to change due to the president's executive order. They admitted they can use help and some were eager to do so, even local churches are getting involved.

"I am always looking for ways that our church can get more involved in the community," said George Williams, pastor at CityLight. "And as Toledo has become like kind of a refugee and immigr ant hub, I think it's important for our church to kind of get involved or find ways to potentially get involved."

Organizers hope their discussion empowers Toledoans to be engaged and active in the community.

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