Shrine Circus to wrap up Sunday

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The 66th Annual Toledo Shrine Circus is back in town. This is all about helping children.

Shriners take kids for treatment to their 22 hospitals across North America at no cost to families.

It may involve orthopedic or cleft palate surgery. Even treatment for burns.

Three hundred kids in Northwest Ohio are now being helped.

"This event allows us to go out and do the things we do for the hospitals. The money that we get form this goes to  the Zenobia locally. We do things that allows us to help with the kids" according to Zenobia Shrine member Dennis Gable.

Two-year-old Kaylee Rose Turney has never been to a Shrine Hospital.

But on opening night of the circus. The Shriners have a soft spot in their hearts for her.

Kaylee Rose is being treated for stage four nerve cell cancer.

"She's doing really good. They took her tumor out two weeks ago and some of the cancer is already gone that she had. The chemo seems to be working," said Kaylee Rose's dad Lee.

Kaylee Rose was released from the hospital one hour before the circus.

Best part of the night: the Shriners upgraded the Turney family to front row center seats.

"It means a lot. Brings a smile to her face. She loves the animals and the entertainers," said Kaylee Rose's mom Kara.

The Zenobia Shrine Circus runs through Sunday at the Seagate Center in Downtown Toledo.

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