Toledo finance director: Kroger's plan 'plus' for city economy

Toledo finance director: Kroger's plan 'plus' for city economy
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo's finance director calls Kroger's plan to build a new store a 'plus' for the city.

George Sarantou, the city's finance director, says he doesn't see any economic disadvantage to Toledo City Council giving Kroger the go-ahead.

Kroger's plan is to build a new store on the Sisters of Notre Dame property, which is right behind their current grocery store on Monroe St.

It's a pretty heated issue.

A meeting Wednesday night on the plan lasted nearly four hours.

Sarantou says if approved, Kroger will generate money for the city in several ways.

First, increased income tax, since more that 100 jobs are being offered.

Second, he says the city will receive property taxes.

The Sisters of Notre Dame didn't pay property tax as a religious order, but Kroger would.

Last, he says a Kroger Marketplace, which offers home goods along with groceries, will help surrounding businesses.

"That area is about 95 percent commercial anyways, so I think when you have an organization like a Kroger opening up a larger store, that brings in more people, more commerce," said Sarantou.

Construction permits, inspections, and license fees will also generate money for the city.

Toledo City Council members could vote on Kroger's plan as early as this coming Tuesday.

The original plan failed back in 2015.

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