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Ottawa Hills Streets Committee votes against Secor widening project

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The Ottawa Hills Streets Committee voted Thursday not to recommend a plan to widen a controversial stretch of Secor Road.

Though the vote was only a recommendation and not a final vote, the 2-1 vote has a sway with the village council.

The cost of the plan goes beyond the investment of widening the road. Ottawa Hills would also lose about a dozen homes that would be demolished to make room for the new road, and the tax money with them.

The stretch of road is shared between both Toledo and Ottawa Hills, so both cities would need to come to an agreement for the project to be completed.

But, supporters of the plan say drivers' safety are at risk.

"Relocating people can be difficult. I can see where for families that would be hard, but it's just not safe, it's dangerous," said driver Chole Jackson.

The entire village council will meet Monday for a final vote.

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