Perrysburg Schools approves new transportation plan for students

Perrysburg Schools approves new transportation plan for students

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Perrysburg Schools approved a plan that will bringing major changes to student's days.

The plan was approved Monday evening at a board meeting.

The changes are needed because of the addition of a new 5th and 6th grade building, Hull Prairie Intermediate.

Adding Hull Prairie means buses now have to add another school to their route and under their current structure that won't work. This means students in elementary school, K-4, as well as Hull Prairie, 5-6, students will have 15 minutes added to their day.

Students at Perrysburg Junior High, will stay an extra 10 minutes. Grades K-8 share bus drivers, therefore, this is why the change and addition to their day.

The proposal affects next school year (2017-2018) .

Perrysburg High School would have their schedule pushed back 30 minutes, starting and ending later.

District Superintendent, Tom Hosler says this will allow them to sleep in and be focused when they come to school.

"I think that is going to be a great thing, for our students here so that's one of the things that kind of got glossed over a little bit, but I think that is really going to make a difference for a lot of kids," Hosler said.

Principals of each school stood up at Monday's meeting, and talked about what they would do with the addition time.

Both spoke about being able to use the time to get students organized and decompress from the day.

"It's kind of counter intuitive because you think longer day, just longer day, is just more. But, when you're able to use it strategically that time as buffers, I think it really decreases a lot of that anxiety that some students may feel," Hosler. explained.

District officials say they understand this isn't ideal for everyone, but of their six options this is the best they have working within their goals of getting kids to and from school safely in a time effective manner and to keep cost down.

Multiple parents stood up and expressed their concern for the plan prior to the board's vote.

One mother spoke about her child's Attention Deficit Disorder, and a longer day would make it worse.

Another, Kelly Ewbank, spent hours preparing for the meeting, coming up with a proposal of her own.

Ewbank says kids in elementary school should not spend this much time in school. She added, she already is pressed for time to get her daughter to her after school activities by 4 p.m.

She says she is disappointed about the decision, but like many parents, she will have to make it work.

"I assume I will or I will have to get her at 3:30, and she will have to end the day early," Ewbank said. "I have to do what's best for my family and if picking her up at 3:30 works, that works for us."

The board plans to revisit this sometime next year, possibly in January, to see what is working and what is not.

"At the end of the day we want people to understand how we came about this," said Hosler. "They may not agree, but we certainly want them to understand and we can always tweak it next year. We can always look at it and make adjustments. This is the plan moving forward as we look at next year, but it doesn't necessarily mean for the next 25 years this is how it has to be."

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