911 call released from Delta shooting death, kidnapping

911 call released from Delta shooting death, kidnapping

DELTA, OH (WTOL) - People in Northwest Ohio are still in shock of a murder and kidnapping that unfolded Tuesday morning in Delta.

Amanda Mangas was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend James Ramey, who then took their son and Amanda's stepmother, Debra Mangas, against her will.

Before she was forced out of the home, police say Debra was able to make the initial 911 call.

(Read full transcription below the audio)

911 Dispatcher: Fulton County 911 where's your emergency?
Caller: I need an ambulance at 901 Fernwood please there's been a shooting.
911 Dispatcher: A what?
Caller: She's been shot in the heart.
911 Dispatcher: Who has?
Caller: Somebody…somebody that lives in that residence was shot.
911 Dispatcher: Okay what's the address again?
Caller: 901 Fernwood St.
Dispatcher: Fernwood?
Caller: Fernwood. In Delta.
Dispatcher: Okay. And how do you know that she's been shot?
Caller: Because I heard it.
Dispatcher: You heard the gunshot?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Okay but it's not confirmed.
Caller: Okay I can't say anything else ma'am.
Dispatcher: Okay I need more information for the rescue cause they're dispatching Delta police I know to a possible...someone got shot…
Caller: 901 Fernwood Street it's the middle bedroom. Bye.
Dispatcher: Middle bedroom?

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