Call 11 For Action: Big pile of trash dumped behind Toledo home

Call 11 For Action: Big pile of trash dumped behind Toledo home

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Vivian Christian said it's not right that her mother can't truly enjoy her North Toledo home because the city keeps d ropping the ball on a big pile of trash.

She asked the Call 11 For Action team to investigate.

We found out that problems like this just don't happen in warmer weather, and the junk has likely been there for months.

"They find this to be a dumping ground now. You see all types of raccoons and groundhogs," said Christian. She said her mom asks every time she visits her in the 3200 block of Stickney Avenue if she was able to get the trash taken care of.

Christian has had to say over and over, not yet.

"It's not fair that we do everything we can to comply with city ordinance and nobody else is to be made accountable," she said.

Christian said the family has witnessed neighbors on Ketchum Avenue dumping junk here since September.

The cover of snow there now doesn't hide the big mess.

There is old carpet, carpet padding, and bags of trash just tossed there to rot, right behind her mother's house. And she thinks it may be infested with bedbugs.

Christian added, "This is their overspill and she wants to sit out in her yard and you got to smell trash and it's just not fair to her."

She said she called the city a number of times since September to hold the dumpers accountable and to get this trash removed. Christian was hopeful something would get done.

"They just said well I see you have made numerous complaints," she said. "I'm going to issue another complaint on your behalf, and she gave me another file number."

But the trash was still there.

That's why she got a hold of the Call 11 For Action team.

We contacted the mayor's office and a spokesperson checked with Code Enforcement.

The response? They don't have any complaint on file.

The city did promise to send a crew over right away to haul away the trash. That hadn't happened as of late Tuesday afternoon.

The mayor's office also said it would investigate why the trash and the complaint weren't handled prior to today.

If you have a complaint or problem you would like the Call 11 For Action team to investigate, call (419) 255-2255 or file a complaint on our website.

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