Toledo streets crews finishing up snow removal

Toledo streets crews finishing up snow removal

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Tuesday afternoon commutes were much better for local drivers than the one they had in the morning.

The late winter snowstorm had moved on to the east but kept city streets crews busy for hours.

With the main roads mostly dry by Tuesday afternoon, city plow drivers were able to catch their breath after long hours fighting the snowstorm.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, the snow was light enough that there was no need to plow.

Crews were laying salt and brine to keep the snow from sticking. But that changed by late afternoon as a big burst of snow covered the streets.

Crews worked to keep one of two lanes open to traffic so people could get home safely from work.

Still on 12-hour shifts, they worked through the night and morning to get the main roads clear and dry. The bus routes were being finished up as well.

The commissioner of Streets, Bridges & Harbor, Jeremy Mikolajczyk, said they did not get much snow in neighborhood streets and plows did not need to touch them. Instead, the city was relying on sunshine to do the work.

He was impressed with the work of the streets crews.

"These are the same crew members that fill the potholes, collect leaves, and do all the other tasks that you see throughout the season," Mikolajczyk said. "And they're good at their job and they know how to switch over properly. They know the proper procedures and they pick it up very well."

The first streets crew to get back to a normal eight-hour schedule will be Wednesday from noon to 8:00 pm.

But Mikolajczyk said they will stay in a winter mindset, in case this latest system is not the last snowstorm of the season.

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