Father agonizes over daughter's murder; neighbor's point to signs of domestic violence

Father agonizes over daughter's murder; neighbor's point to signs of domestic violence

DELTA, OH (WTOL) - The tragedy of Amanda Mangas's death leaves an unclear future for her 10-month old baby.

It was her last words that possibly saved baby Winston's life.

"She spoke with the first sergeant on the scene. The first thought was with her child, which led us to believe the child wasn't there," said Chief Nathan Hartstock of Delta police. "We searched the house. She did give us the name of Mr. Ramey."

Winston, along with Amanda's stepmother Debra Mangas, were both taken from the house. They were found hours later with Winston's father James Ramey in Indiana.

During those hours, Amanda's father, Mike Mangas, was in agony.

"I'm glad they caught him before I did," Mangas said as he wiped away tears.

Mangas says he is proud of his daughter for always putting her child first.

"[Amanda was] a typical 23-year-old still growing up," said Mangas. "She made some good decisions, bad decisions, but she was doing a good job raising her boy."

The crime came as a shock to neighbors.

But some of those neighbors, including Ike Parker, said the suspect James Ramey has a bad vibe when he came around.

"He acted like he could care less about her," Parker said. "And I thought to myself 'Why is she carrying everything up to the door and him sit there in the car and not help her at all?' He looked like he was mad at the world and a bad attitude I thought."

Police say baby Winston is back and Delta. His future will be determined by the Fulton County Children's Services.

The agency has chose not to comment on Winston Ramey's future, but Lucas County Children's Services says caseworkers in similar situations will try to give custody to grandparents that have a close relationship with child.

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