Dietitian gives advice on eating healthy for National Nutrition Month

Dietitian gives advice on eating healthy for National Nutrition Month

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's not always easy for a family on the go, but health experts say eating nutritious meals, is crucial. March is National Nutrition Month; this
year's theme is 'put your best fork forward.'

Registered Dietitian for Mercy Health Weight Management Solutions, Nichole Cousino, says nutrition starts with breakfast. Not only is it the most important meal of the day, it's the meal many of her clients say they tend to skip.

"Not only does it send you in the right direction with your metabolism, but it kind of sets up the day. You feel good when you start with a good breakfast. Then you have a good lunch and good dinner," said Cousino.

Cousino tells her clients to try and get three food groups into your meal. For instance, an easy meal for breakfast is cereal. Just add some fruit with the milk, and there you go!

It's not always easy preparing a nutritious meal that your kids will actually eat, but Cousino says there's a way around that.

"Involve them," she said. " Ask them, 'what kind of fruit do you want in here, what kind of vegetable?' When they have that ownership over their meal, they're more likely to eat it."

Cousino says to have a variety of colors in the meals you pack and portion them to make sure your kids aren't overeating.

Cousino also says you don't have to make major changes overnight. You can start small.

"You make one change - Today you're like, 'okay, today we're gonna have breakfast. Maybe next week, you guys go out and play football together,'" said Cousino.

Cousino says it's important to remember, getting your family to eat nutritiously, starts with you. So if you make healthy choices, your children will follow suit.

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