Multiple resources offer hope for victims of domestic violence

Multiple resources offer hope for victims of domestic violence

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Amanda Mangas had a protection order against James Ramey, but it wasn't enough to keep her and her child safe.

WTOL spoke with domestic violence specialists on what women can do to if they are in an dangerous relationship.

In August, James Ramey told Amanda while holding a knife that he would kill her if she left him.

A Lucas County judge issued a five-year protection order.

But according to domestic violence advocates, the court order is good to have, but there are even more resources available.

Denise Boyer, the coordinator at the Lucas County Domestic Violence Resource Center, says there are multiple agencies in the county, some available 24-7, that can anonymously shelter women who are victims of domestic violence. They can also facilitate the process of filing a protection order.

But she says the most important help they offer is safety planning.

If a victim is hiding from an abuser, she says it's important to know who is willing to help you and where you can go to be safe and anonymous.

Boyer says it's important to have a group of friends and family, even neighbors, who know of your situation in case the abuser disregards a protection order.

"Clearly the judge felt and the magistrate felt that it was serious enough that we try to do everything that we could from this end," said Boyer. "But you have to remember it's a piece of paper and the officers can't patrol the house every single moment of everyday. So that's why we do all of that safety planning."

Follow this link to see a full list of resources available in Lucas County for victims of domestic violence.

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