Fostoria Catholic parish featured in German documentary

Fostoria Catholic parish featured in German documentary

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - A small Catholic parish in Fostoria is receiving international attention.

A documentary crew from Germany is featuring the various St. Wendelin parishes across the world, including the parish in Fostoria.

Saint Wendelin is the patron saint of country, people and herdsmen. And though he is a lesser known saint within the Catholic Church, his influence from Germany has spread all across the world 1,400 years after his death.

Max Kern is part of a documentary crew visiting every St. Wendelin parish in the world.

Max grew up in the town of St. Wendel, a German village established near where St. Wendelin is buried.

The documentary will show how a mild mannered man was able to have such a wide influence on the Catholic church.

The crew has visited multiple parishes in the U.S., Eastern Europe and Brazil. They hope to end their production with a trip to a St. Wendelin parish in China.

Fostoria's parish was established by German immigrants 1851 and confirmed by the Catholic Diocese in 1875.

Kern says it is St Wendelin's story as a Scottish Prince, who left his royal inheritance behind to live a life of service, that resonates with so many people today.

"He decided to become a hermit, and then a shepherd also," Kern said. "So he lived pretty poorly. And this humility and this humble person still lives on I think. And that's what the people really liked about him."

The documentary will premiere at the St. Wendelin feast in Germany in October.

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