The Blarney Irish Pub's recipe for a Blarney Banger Breakfast

Blarney Banger Breakfast!!  

Potato pancake 
I large potato washed then fine grated 
1 egg 
Salt and pepper to taste 
1 Tablespoon of flour 
 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

After Potato is grated  fold in rest of ingredients.  Immediately heat up a saute pan with a little butter.  Scoop  half of the mixture in pan and lightly press down to desired thickness you would like your pancake to be.  Cook both sides until brown pull out of pan and repeat with the other half  of mixture.

 1 or 2 Irish bangers  ( depending on how much drinking you will be doing) 
 1 Tablespoon  of  pure maple syrup

Split Irish banger long ways.   Saute in hot pan with a little oil until cooked all the way through  to a internal temp of 165  and crisp on both side at this point glaze it with the maple syrup. Immediately remove from pan.

 1 Egg
Cook egg to desired temperature or style you prefer ( Chef recommends over easy).

 Place bangers on top of potato pancakes .  Place  your egg on top of bangers.  Lean the second Potato pancake up against your assembly.