Superintendent's Task Force presents redistricting options to Sylvania School Board

Superintendent's Task Force presents redistricting options to Sylvania School Board
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SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - About 150 people showed up to Southview High School Monday to learn the details of Sylvania Schools redistricting options on the table.

Parents asked a several questions to superintendent's task force.

With two options left, parents of Sylvania students were eager to learn about their child's future.

"The process seems very rushed and I think Sylvania schools needs to do a better job on trying to ensure that the parents and the different schools have
plenty of opportunities to provide feedback," said Chris Myers, a parent of two students at Timberstone Middle School.

Option one is based on proximity to the child's home and has a split feeder pattern.

Option three changes the current structure dramatically by altering the grade configurations to K-4, 5-8, and 9-12. To do this Sylvania would transition an elementary school to a middle school, creating two direct feeder patterns.

This option prompted several questions during the presentation to the school board Monday night.

"I think the school system has already decided what option they are going to go with," said Roseanne French, a grandmother to three students and tutor for students. "I don't think that they have done sufficient planning in terms of how it's going to really impact the learning environment and that is what is a concern to me."

The presentation to the school board revealed that option three could cost an estimated 2-3 million dollars. Those funds would come from efficiently within the district like transportation.

"Any new costs would be used from current funds and current efficiencies within our school district," said Adam Fineske, executive director of teaching and learning for Sylvania Schools.  "Now we are not looking to ask the community for additional funds to pay for redistricting."

Board members hearing the presentation say the communities thoughts and questions on option three and redistricting will go into their decision come the end of the school year.

"I think as we look at option three it's going to be important to understand the educational opportunities that come along with it," said Vicki Donovan-Lyle, school board member. "I trust that between the community and the task force we will do the deep dive necessary to come up with the right result."

Sylvania Schools broadcast the meeting live on Facebook and will have the full presentation available online Tuesday. The task force says they will begin discussing boundaries immediately and plan to release maps in a couple of weeks with a survey for the public at that time.

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