Sidecut Metropark flooding: Two years later

Sidecut Metropark flooding: Two years later

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two years ago, ice jams caused major flooding along the Maumee River with an estimated cost of $1 million.

Chunks of ice blasted over the riverbank and into Sidecut, causing scarring on trees that were three to four feet high. Other trees were knocked down.

Across the street, headstones at River Cemetery were overturned or swept away by the flooding.

Two years later, downed tress have been removed, walleye fishing is back and headstones have been restored to their proper place.

Most importantly, there has not been any new flooding.

"We had some brand new light poles that we put up at one parking lot because we had night sledding. They had only been up a year and the ice took them down. But insurance covered that," said Metroparks spokesman Scott Carpenter. "For the most part the damage was the same type we see most years, trails flooded out that have to be repaired. This was just a little more extreme than most years."

The city decided not to repair the fence surrounding the cemetery because of the possibility flooding could happen again.

The park received a grant to build a trail that gets walkers and bicyclists off River Road in the case of flooding.

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