Toledo career con man sentenced to 5 years in prison

Toledo career con man sentenced to 5 years in prison
(Source: Lucas County Jail)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After running a multi-million-dollar crime ring in six states and 18 cities-including Toledo -a career con man is being sent to prison.

A judge sentenced Andre Brown to prison as part of a plea deal on Monday.

Brown has been labeled as one of Toledo's most wanted.

He is also called a "big fish" in the crime world after he victimized dozens of people.

Police worked Brown's case for over a year and said it was a joint effort by multiple agencies to put Brown behind bars.

Brown would write bad checks to purchase large items such as fork lifts, boat motors and lawn mowers at the close of business.

Before these checks could be verified, he would sell those items to unsuspecting buyers who would never receive the item.

Police said Brown was smart.

"There are a lot of victims and I'm not sure if they will all understand the plea, but I will reach out to all of them and try to get them some of their loss back. It's a small amount but we will do our best to get what they had coming to them," said Detective William White of the Toledo Police Department.

Brown maintains his innocence as he heads off to prison.

"I didn't do it," Brown said. "I took that plea reluctantly. They didn't have anything on me. I swear I didn't do it."

Brown originally faced over 60 years in prison, but was only sentenced to five.

A plea deal was struck to avoid bringing dozens of victims to the witness stand during a trial.

However, Brown is facing additional charges in other counties which could lengthen his time behind bars.

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