Beer show taps into the memories of collectors

Beer show taps into the memories of collectors
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

Welcome to Brewerania. Its not a country, but a place in the heart.of beer country.

For decades, around the turn of the century, beer brewing was the largest employer in Toledo Ohio, said collector Don Monroe.

Its little wonder that in the town that gave us Buckeye Beer and more than a dozen other breweries over the decades, that plenty of Brewery collectible buffs would show up for the Buckeye Beer Chapter show in Toledo this weekend.

People come from the east coast, and from St. Louis, there for 5 hours pack up and go home, said Don.

And before they headed home, collectors and more casual beer fans scanned the cans, otherwise known as the baseball cards of beer.

There were lots of them to ogle over.
Old cans, rusty cans, pretty can, artsy cans, old-fashioned conetop cans - a veritable cornucopia of empty cans from brewers you probably have never heard of, and some from those you maybe wish you hadn't.

But the show wasnt just about cans.

Bottles, cans, signs, napkins, it if says beer on it, its a collectible, said John Huff who organized the event.

The show is a makeshift museum of memories of beer, you could almost smell the barley, hops and history, an ancient history it turns out.

After we figured out how to turn stone into tools, we got got yeast..we ended up with bread and beer, said beer-enthusiast Mike Cunningham.

Still theres something special about beer.

While no one collects bread wrappers, people do have a powerful thirst to collect old beer stuff, whether its for the old man cave, or for the old man who meant something to you.

Sometimes it because their fathers drank a certain beer, Strohs, Blue Ribbon, said collector Paul Faber.

Mike Cunningham has a different kind of family connection.

My dad worked for Carling brewery so I've got quite a few Carling items from Cleveland, said Mike.

Even if you're not drinking it, the collectors that turned up say they found they can still appreciate it and enjoy the enduring flavor of its heady past.

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