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Budget proposal would limit amount Ohio's universities can charge students for textbooks

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A new state budget proposal is working to help out students who are used to spending huge amounts of cash on textbooks.

It would require public universities in Ohio to cover any costs for textbooks in excess of $300.

Schools could charge students up to $300 a year for books, but would then be responsible for the rest.

State leaders who support the measure hope it would keep costs down for students and make college more affordable.

The budget estimates that students spend around $600 dollars a year right now for textbooks on average.

However, there are some students who say this would actually make them pay more.

Ohio State Senator Randy Gardner does not agree that this is the way to address the problem.

Gardner says with no significant increases in state aid, it would be difficult for schools to balance their budgets without making cuts.

"I don't support the precise language that's in the budget bill now, that is a one-size-fits-all statewide unfunded mandate. I think we can achieve some of the governor's objectives but in doing so provide universities with more flexibility," said Gardner.

He says it would also be a sales tax revenue loss to the state, estimating a $40 million dollar sales tax loss to Ohio.

If passed, the change wouldn't go into effect until the 2018-2019 school year.

It will be voted on this summer.

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