Drug operation, guns found in house near TPS elementary school

Drug operation, guns found in house near TPS elementary school

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Drugs, guns and a makeshift shooting range - all found inside a south Toledo home.

Toledo police raided 810 Toronto Ave. on Thursday, citing numerous complaints and surveillance.

The house is just four houses down from Arlington Elementary School and is across the street from a church.

"Found some kind of interesting things once we got in there," said Lt. Joe Heffernan, Toledo police spokesperson.

Lt. Heffernan says in addition to marijuana, they found what they believe is K2 or synthetic marijuana.

The person was apparently making it inside the house.

"He was getting in the materials from different places, possibly overseas, to manufacture this K2," said Heffernan. "We got about 40 pounds of it."

Lt. Heffernan says K2 is a dangerous drug that people can easily overdose on because you think you're getting one thing and you get something else.

"This is not a chemist that's making this in a lab," said Heffernan. "This is somebody that's making this in a house and he's using his best guesstimations on what to put in the drug that you're going to be ingesting."

He says three firearms were also found and there was some sort of makeshift firing range in the basement.

"There was some metal plates there, it appeared that at some point the suspect was firing guns down in the house," said Lt. Heffernan.

Lt. Heffernan says one person is the suspect, although they are not charged yet.

"Anytime that you have a location like this that's selling drugs, and having weapons, that they're firing weapons, and it's within 1000 feet of a school, that's going to be an enhancement to the charges," said Heffernan.

Neighbors did not want to talk on camera.

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