Storm causes road closures, power outages in Jerusalem Twp.

Storm causes road closures, power outages in Jerusalem Twp.

JERUSALEM TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Power poles hit the ground, roads were closed and power was out in Jerusalem Township, thanks to Wednesday's storm.

Come Thursday afternoon, most of the neighbors in Jerusalem Township who lost power because of the storm could finally turn on the light. Jerusalem Township Fire Chief Tony Parasiliti estimated 10 percent still didn't have power as of about 4 p.m.

Bench Farms lost power because of the storms. The hum of two generators could be heard from inside the greenhouse Thursday afternoon.

Cindy Bench says they had nine minutes to get the generators going once they lost power before the greenhouse air deflated. Luckily, they got the generators on and all her plants are healthy.

"We don't mess around," said Bench. "On windy days we stay around here and are prepared to hook them up in a moment."

She says she remembers the moment they lost power.

"We were standing here working in here, in the greenhouse working, and all of a sudden we heard a big crack," said Bench. "We though there was a semi accident out in front."

It wasn't a semi-truck, but mother nature.

Along Decant Rd. at Jerusalem Rd. (Route 2), pole after pole hit the ground during Wednesday's storm. A pole snapped off at the top and hung by power lines over Route 2, shutting down the street until about 6 p.m. Thursday evening.

"When you get a weak pole, it only takes one," said Robert Yates, who was in charge of hauling new power poles to replace the old ones. "And then they're like dominoes."

Yates says he brought 15 new power poles to place along the road.

"That's quite a few for, for an emergency. Usually you don't get that many go down at one time," said Yates.

Fire Chief Parasiliti  says road closures are not suggestions. He says people need to respect a road closure, because power lines could still be live.

"Please do not cross the barricades," said Chief  Parasiliti. "Don't go around them to shorten up a few moments of your time because it may shorten up your entire life."

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