Athlete of the Week: Wesley Tucker

Athlete of the Week: Wesley Tucker

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Wesley Tucker is one of many talented boxers in Toledo.

Friday night, he will take the ring against fellow welterweight Ed Williams at the MGM Grand in Detroit.

Tucker was a national Gold Gloves runner-up in 2012, then turned pro the following year.

He currently has a 13-0 record.

"I have a promoter now so it's a lot easier to get fights," Tucker said. "Perfect timing to see if they're on TV or where they're going to be."

Tucker still works out with his longtime trainer, Roderick Colbert, who thinks Wesley has distinguished himself among Toledo's boxing elite.

"I've been working with Wesley since he was 8-years-old, Colbert said. "He's been a national champ. We've accomplished a lot of goals."

As for Wesley Tucker, he is happy to be associated with names like Robert Easter Jr. and Tyler McCreary and Sonny Frederickson.

"I've trained with all of them. Everybody's a great fighter," Tucker said. "I'm glad to be a part of that. It's a good thing for Toledo and for us."

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