Perrysburg opens $2 million athletic facility

Perrysburg opens $2 million athletic facility

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Perrysburg High School opened up a new multi-million dollar athletic complex Wednesday.

The Huskisson Athletic Center is a two-floor facility providing fans with an enhanced game experience.

But coaches and players are also looking forward to putting the new facility to use.

"Right now, we've got three HD TV's that we are going to put here so coaches can break down game film," said athletic director Chuck Jaco.

The first sport the facility will host is lacrosse.

"They're coming from a locker room that you just kind of get in and out of there as soon as you can. But, this is going to become a second home to them and they're going to take pride in the weight room, the lockeroom itself," Jaco said.

All the money used to build the facility was privately donated.

"I'm just picturing the lights on the stadium, the crowd packed in, the band playing, the players running out there and it'll be quite something," Perrysburg Director of Development Jeff Abke.

Jaco says he hopes the complex will make athletic events more enjoyable for both fans and players for years to come.

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