Oregon hopes Navarre project will decrease crashes

Oregon hopes Navarre project will decrease crashes

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - Oregon police released a list of their most dangerous intersections. Five of the top six intersections including the top 3 all are on Navarre Avenue.

The intersection of Navarre and Wheeling Street accounted for more than 30 crashes in 2016.

Oregon police say they hope an upcoming project will keep that number down.

The project including putting a media in the middle of Navarre and creating an access point from Wheeling Street.

"The accidents that we've had on Navarre especially in the past have involved people making left turns out of the businesses and crossing five lanes of traffic, or at least three lanes of traffic," said Oregon Assistant Police Chief Paul Magdich. "So the whole idea behind doing that is to eliminate the need for those left turns."

Business owners on Navarre say they are ready for a change as they have seen crashed right outside their window.

"We saw a car like completely flip over, it's really crazy," said Mathews Ford Sales Manager John Becerra.

Mathews Ford sits on Navarre between Wheeling and Coy, the two most dangerous intersections in the city.

Becerra says he is hopeful about these improvements.

"I think it would impact our business in a positive way with the improvements," Becerra said.

The city is still in the initial stage of the project.

But after they finish running utility lines under the street, they expect the project to kick into full gear.

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