Women brewers in Toledo raise awareness on International Women's Day

Women brewers in Toledo raise awareness on International Women's Day

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - They're sending a message, with beer! For International Women's Day, a group of women brewers got together to craft a special brew to inspire others to do anything their hearts desire.

Head brewer for Black Cloister Brewing Company in Downtown Toledo, Shannon Fink quit her nursing job to become a brewer. She says it was the best decision she's ever made.

"It's creative; it's science," she said. "My first home brew, I knew I was in trouble. I fell in love with it straight away."

Fink spent Wednesday, not just making beer as she usually does, but working with other women who are tinkering with home brewing, members of the Glass City Mashers Club.

"We've come together and we're brewing a batch that will be for sale here at Black Cloister and we're learning a lot from Shannon and Mo," said home brewer Jaimie Foster.

It's part of a worldwide movement, The Pink Boots Society "Big Brew Day." The batch the women are making will be tapped in a few weeks. Then, a portion from each pint will go to the Pink Boots society, which offers scholarships to women in order to advance their careers in the industry.

"Brewing is hard for women, especially if you walk into a place and they always want to find out who the man is in charge," said Foster. "It's the woman in charge, and I think that's a whole culture shift. "

Fink is hoping through Big Brew Day, women won't necessarily just be inspired to make beer, but anything they want.

"Do what you want to do; There's nothing you can't do," said Fink. "Don't let anyone tell you 'Oh, you can't do that. You're a girl.'"

If you're interested in home brewing, the Glass City Mashers is meeting Thursday, March 9. Find more info here.

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