UT hosts 'Women in Leadership' symposium for International Women's Day

UT hosts 'Women in Leadership' symposium for International Women's Day

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - About 100 women gathered at the University of Toledo for the third annual "Women in Leadership" symposium, in light of International Women's Day Wednesday.

"Today is an opportunity to hear from local female leaders and hear how they became successful," said Jennifer Pizio, one of the organizers of the event.

The University of Toledo's first female president kicked off the event.

Women discussed leadership, development and career advancement.

"It's an opportunity to recognize women's contributions to society," Pizio said.

Speakers from the community included:

  • Kristin Kelley, the Vice President of Global and Corporate Communications
  • Lynn Luther, a member of Eastman & Smith Ltd.,
  • Michele Soliz, PhD, assistant VP for Student Success and Inclusion within the Division of Student Affairs at UT
  • Viva McCarver, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Bowling Green State University

"I think definitely hearing someone speak from a woman's point-of-view to lead, I think the motivation that you would get, I think would be great day-to-day in my business," said Teresa Lear, a retail manager at Cracker Barrel. "So I kind of like that of getting woman motivation That's what I'm looking for today."

The symposium was one of more than 80 held across the country presented by the National Diversity Council.

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