National hate group distributes posters at local universities

National hate group distributes posters at local universities

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Hate posters spread around Bowling Green State University and The University of Toledo Monday night.

Identity Evropa, which is recognized as a national hate group, has been spreading their message across several universities across the country.

A handful of signs, fliers and white separatist symbols were found on both Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo's campus.

Word traveled fast about the actions of the national hate group's message on social media.

"People were definitely floored," explained Bryce Cousin, a senior at BGSU. "They were shocked, there was a little bit of outrage. People were tweeting the university trying to report it to them. It was just all the way up and down my timeline and news feed, so it took over social media pretty quick."

University officials at BGSU believe the posters had limited impact because it is spring break so several of their students are off campus. They also worked to take down the posters quickly, but students who did see the national hate groups poster say it impacted them.

"It honestly hurts my feelings because I love my friends over here," said Austin Cornell, a senior at BGSU. "They are my brothers, like I said they've been my friends ever since I was a little kid and it just makes me feel sorry for the ones who they get off just spurring this hate."

"It's really unsettling to be walking on this campus and then wondering well, maybe this person I am walking by is "one of them" or maybe they hate me without knowing me for no reason," said Cousin. "It's really unsettling."

BGSU released a statement addressing the materials distributed on their campus saying,

Bowling Green State University does not tolerate hate, racism, sexism or intolerance. Last night, a national hate group that has been targeting dozens of college campuses all across the country, posted fliers and white separatist symbols on our Bowling Green Campus and at other area universities. The offensive materials have been removed, and we are investigating. The perpetrators could face criminal charges.

UT also responding to the hate messages saying,

Signs from a hate group were found posted off campus near The University of Toledo. They have been removed. The University of Toledo continues to welcome and value people of all racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, national and international backgrounds. We believe our diversity makes us stronger, and we work hard to create and foster an inclusive environment.

Students at BGSU say they hope to promote love and not hate as they move past this.

"I hope someday that those people can change and look at other races as all equal no matter what and just spread love," said Cornell.

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